Quests Completed: 9
Total Amount Raised: $601,743.95
Elapsed Time: 4 years; 3 months; 21 days
Children Helped To Date: 25,975
Current Quest (#9): Rotary Coastal Quest 630

Who is Martin? Runner, Sport and Play Enthusiast, Guinness World Record Holder, Right To Play Honorary Athlete Ambassador, Dreamer.

Martin Parnell's involvement with Right To Play began in 2009 when he and a group of friends raised $10,000 for the charity. Martin's next endeavour was Marathon Quest 250 which began on January 1, 2010. His goal was to run 250 marathons in one year and raise $250,000 for Right To Play. Running five marathons a week, Martin completed his quest on December 31, 2010, having ran over 10,000 km and raised over $320,000 for Right To Play!

Why does Martin support Right To Play? "Every child deserves a chance in life and Right To Play gives them that chance" - Martin

In June 2011, Martin, with Heather Moyse and Caroline Ouellette, visited Right To Play programs in the Western African country of Benin. Returning from Africa he decided to launch a series of fundraising and awareness events – the Quests for Kids initiative.

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Why Benin?

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Rotary Coastal Quest 630
  • Teaming up Rotary, Martin will travel to England in early 2014 to tackle Rotary Coastal Quest 630.
  • Starting on March 4th, 2014, Martin will attempt to traverse the 630 miles (1014 km) of the South West Coast Path. He will average a marathon a day over 25 days.
  • Click here to help Martin raise £100,000!




TransRockies Quest 888
  • Martin and TransRockies Events are teaming up to host TransRockies Quest 888 - ten events covering 888km including running, mountain biking and cycling.
  • Click here to donate now!
  • Teaming up with Boma Africa, Martin travelled to Tanzania to complete you Kilimanjaro Quest 95.2.
  • On March 3, 2013 Martin completed the Kilimanjaro Marathon in 5 hours and 23 seconds, and just three days later climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 37 hours!
  • Click here to help Martin raise $25,000!
Hockey Quest Complete Soccer Quest
  • Martin teamed up with the 2013 Kimmett Cup to host Hockey Quest 500 on January 19, 2013.
  • Hockey Quest 500 is a Guinness World Record attempt for the most players in an exhibition game of hockey.
  • Together, participants raised roughly $92,000!
  • Over Thanksgiving weekend, Soccer Quest 42 set a Guinness World Record for the longest continuous soccer game.
  • With the help of the Cochrane Rangers Soccer Club, Martin raised over $25,000!
Cook Island Quest Lacross Quest 25 - Complete

  • Partnering with Downunder Travel, Martin led a 32KM race around Rarotonga in the beautiful Cook Islands to raise $25,000 towards his total goal. Cook Islands Quest 100 took place on September 21st.
  • Lacrosse Quest 24 set a Guinness World Record for the longest lacrosse game ever. On April 27th and 28th 2012, two teams in Calgary, AB played a total of 24 hours of lacrosse. Martin partnered with HotBox Lacrosse to raise $50,000 towards his ultimate goal.

    Netball Quest 61 - Complete Marathon Quest 250
    • Netball Quest 61 set a Guinness World Record for the longest Netball game ever played. In partnership with Netball Alberta, two teams played from September 16th to September 19th, a total of 61 straight hours and 1 hour longer than the previous record holder!
    • Netball Quest 61 raised $22,694 for Right To Play!
    • Click to watch a video of Netball Quest 61!
    •  Marathon Quest 250 was Martin's personal quest to run 250 marathons in a single year and raise $250,000 for Right To Play.
    • Starting on January 1st, 2010 Martin ran a total of 10,550KM, successfully finishing his final marathon on December 31, 2010.
    • Marathon Quest 250 raised over $320,000 for Right To Play!
    • Click to watch a video of Marathon Quest 250!