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Early Child Play
Focus: Holistic Early Childhood Development
Target Age: Ages 2 – 3 and 4 – 5 
Early Child Play celebrates over 65 games and activities that promote the holistic development of young children, using parallel and co-operative play activities. Emphasizes building confidence, physical dexterity, and co-operation, and uses the same five coloured balls and areas of development as Red Ball Child Play. 

Red Ball Child Play
Focus: Holistic Child Development
Target Age: Ages 6 – 12
Red Ball Child Play promotes intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development in children. Focus is on the healthy growth of the whole child.  In addition, Red Ball Child Play starts children on a lifetime path of participating in physical activity, making healthy choices, enjoying satisfying relationships with others, and contributing positively to their communities.  The five coloured balls of Red Ball Child Play correspond to areas of healthy child growth: red — mind, black – body, yellow—spirit, blue—peace, and green—health.  Over 150 games and activities!

Health & Physical Education Curriculum (UAE) The Princess Haya Initiative
The Princess Haya Initiative
Focus: Holistic Child Development
Target Age: Ages 5 – 18
With the support of HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, a Health & Physical Education Curriculum has been developed, in conjunction with writers from Dubai and Ontario, for grades 1 to 12 in the United Arab Emirates. The resource enables students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. 

Abilities First
Inclusion of Children with Disabilities
Target Age: 
Ages 5 – 18
The Abilities First Resource builds on the philosophy, principles, suggestions, and ideas of all Right To Play Leader Manuals and the Right To Play Training Workshops for Leaders to create an inclusive environment. It emphasizes the commitment of Right To Play to afford all children with the opportunity to play and learn together. Through games and sports activities, attitudes toward those with a disability will change.  Those individuals with some knowledge and preparation can lead the way.

Live Safe Play Safe
Focus: HIV and AIDS Education and Prevention
Target Age: Ages 6 – 9, 10 – 14, and 15 – 19 

Live Safe Play Safe contributes to the prevention of HIV and AIDS by engaging children and youth in play and sport-based games and activities that focus on helping children and youth adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. Live Safe Play Safe games and activities: build knowledge of HIV and AIDS; promote life skills for adopting and maintaining healthy behaviours, such as negotiation, resisting peer pressure, and reducing stigma around HIV and AIDS; and promote healthy attitudes and values, such as respect, inclusion and cooperation. 

Team Up
Focus: Peace Building and Conflict Prevention
Target Age: Ages 6 – 12 and 13 – 18
Team Up uses sport and play-based games to engage children and youth in peace-building activities. The resource aims to develop social integration and solidarity in communities, provide non-violent means for preventing and/or resolving conflict, and address the vulnerability of children and girls in armed conflict areas. The resource seeks to develop future Leaders who are positive role models and who can contribute to building peaceful communities grounded in human rights and principles of social justice. 

Learning To Play, Playing To Learn
Focus: Holistic Child Development
Target Age: Ages 8 – 12
This Canadian school resource for social studies, literacy and physical education was created by Right To Play and Olympian Silken Laumann. Lessons use Red Ball Child Play’s five coloured balls to represent the healthy development of children. Activities feature an exploration of children around the world.  Post-game discussions encourage children to reflect upon their rights and responsibilities in the global community.

Youth As Leader
Focus: Participatory Leadership
Target Age: Ages 13 – 20+ 
The Youth As Leader resource develops leadership skills and values through play and sport-based games and activities.  The purpose of the resource is to engage youth in meaningful activities and develop, in youth, a sense of efficacy, pride, confidence, and belonging.  Activities in this resource will develop knowledge, leadership skills, and positive attitudes. Youth will receive opportunities for practical leadership experiences in the community, including planning, implementing and evaluating initiatives.

Sport Specific Manuals
Focus: Development of sport specific skills, character education and life skills
Target Age: Ages 6 – 9, 10 – 12, 13 – 15, and 16 – 18
Three of the Sport Specific Manuals have been developed for Coaches who complete the Sport Specific Coaching Workshop. Through specific sports, kids learn respect, teamwork, fair play, communication, and commitment. Football, Basketball and Volleyball Trainer Manuals for Development are available in English.