• Teaching Teachers in Liberia


    "Before my training with Right To Play, I never had the skills to make children happy and ready to learn and I never had the patience to change their behaviours," says Deddeh Morlue.

    Now she does.

    A teacher, Deddeh is fully equipped to handle her small charges at the New Life Preparatory Day Care School in Gbarnga Bong County, Liberia. By attending our teacher training program and learning our play- and activity-based curriculum, she is able to engage her students in their studies, create group participation in the classroom and demonstrate how to resolve conflict peacefully. Her newfound abilities have also empowered Deddeh with the confidence to work with larger groups of children.

    "I have learned how to gain the children’s attention and develop their concentration skills," says Deddeh. "Right To Play provides me with regular, supervisory support, making me more efficient and dedicated to my work."

    Her status has also helped Deddeh gain respect from her peers, create marvelous friendships and be instrumental in reducing the amount of conflict in her community members. Unity among the youth is growing and she sees a positive change in Bong County, especially with herself.

    "Putting into practice what I learned from the training has provided me lot of invaluable skills," says Deddeh. "Today, I can boast that I have the skills to change children and help them learn through play. I am now regarded as the schoolchildren’s mother. They look to me for direction and I have gained their trust and their love."