• A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

    Thanks to you, 2014 overflowed with happiness and we've captured 10 of our favourite grins to prove it.
    Spoiler alert: smiling is contagious!

    Last year, you empowered over 16,400 Right To Play Coaches around the world. You helped them teach the children in our programs—and there are more than one million!—how to protect themselves from disease. You lent a hand, encouraging these kids to attend and stay in school and you showed them how to resolve conflict and create peaceful communities. The best part? You did it through the power of play!


    Joy-filled victory dances between the kids and our Right To Play staff from You Lead—a joint project with War Child in the Palestinian Territories (West Bank and Gaza).


    In Tanzania, our gender-bending, laughter-filled games build equality and acceptance.


    Everyone's a winner when we race to the finish line in Jordan.


    Smiling is cheerfully effortless in our programs in Thailand.


    Pharrell Williams may be singing it, but the kids are living it—yup, we're happy! In Pakistan, we’re reaching more than 170,000 children and more than 50% are girls.


    In Lebanon, laughter is a big part of our lessons about peace-building and conflict resolution.


    For the kids in Ethiopia, happiness is empowering, after all they're the change makers of the world.


    When everyone's involved it's worth grinning about; it's why we promote teamwork in China.

    Rwanda 9.JPG

    One, two, three…cheese! Nothing beats fronting for the camera during recess in Rwanda. Twenty years after the Rwandan Genocide, we're seeing acceptance, hope and optimism.


    Our kids in Kenya are pretty picture perfect don't you think? Thanks to you, their smiles never fade.