• Teacher training in Neguela


    Knowing ​how to engage your students in their studies is key to ensuring children attend and stay in school. It's why Adama Fofana, a 27-year-old teacher at the Djinina school in Neguela participated in our course about creating a child-centric and child-friendly environment.

    "I have a very huge class, with so many children that I had difficulties engaging all of the children, especially during my physical education and sports activities," says Adama.

    With 74 sixth-year students in his classroom, 34 of whom are girls, Adama had his work cut out for him. By learning our game- and activity-based methodologies surrounding the holistic development of children, he learned how to create a safe and friendly environment conducive to learning. This has enabled Adama to connect with the children on a deeper level. And by integrating sports and play into his teaching structure, he's able to impart new life behaviours about hand-washing and about disease prevention against malaria, HIV and AIDS.


    "With the basic teacher training in the holistic development of children, I gained tremendous knowledge and expertise on the development of children," says Adama. "Using the power of sport and play allowed me to find new ways to get the children to participate and to develop. Now, all of the children participate in all of the activities and they see their school as an attractive and secure environment to be in."

    Last year, Adama was greatly recognized by the members of the community, particularly the School Management Committee (SMC), for his dynamism, courage, bravery and dedication to the practice of children's learning. He has been integral in improving the attendance of children and classroom engagement. His efforts have helped make the school a playful and attractive learning environment. Adama is appreciated by his Director, fellow teachers and the students in his school, for his planning, enthusiasm, and evaluation of all school activities.

    "Building teacher knowledge with Right To Play's methodologies, raises the level of their skills and ability to teach the children," says Dao Pedagogical, an Advisor to the SMC. ​