• Developing Leadership Skills in Kids


    ​by Janine Chehade, edited by Tosan Soremi​

    Our play-based programs help kids overcome learning barriers, such as fighting, bullying and name calling by turning these negative experiences into positive ones. And the students in our Lebanon-based play programs are a great example of this.

    Two years ago, some of the children at the Abnaa El Kassam Kindergarten were aggressive during recess, while others were shy and introverted.

    ​"There was biting, hitting, insulting and bullying," says Fadia Loubani, the director of the kindergarten. "It was considered as an inherent problem with no solution."

    After incorporating our games and programs into their curriculum, the teachers noticed a huge change in the children's behaviours. The fighting stopped as the children gravitated towards our play-based educational activities instead.

    "Right To Play's programs helped us decrease violence at school and discover new talents through games," says Fadia. "Most importantly, aggressive and stubborn children changed their behaviour."

    The students now have stronger leadership skills and are even planning their own class activities. Encouraging them to develop their leadership skills has empowered the kids to come out of their shell and embrace schoolwork. 

    Some of the children have even shared our games with their friends. And those who had previously played alone now regularly join the group. Through our programs, teachers are using the power of play as a tool for learning, providing children around the world with an equal opportunity to succeed. ​

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