• Our games improve memory and concentration


    by Pierre McAllister​

    Most people can easily recall moments that are close to their heart. But when it comes to remembering the details, like washing your hands after playing or before dinner, they can be easy to forget. This is why we use games like, Remember Me to help the one million children in our programs improve their memory and concentration.

    Using play as a tool strengthens children's brain power, captivating their attention and engaging their interest. It allows our Coaches to teach them how to build on this muscle-memory so that they can achieve better marks on tests, remember their household chores and even attend important dates.

    Playing Remember Me is really easy. First, the children pair off and are given a few minutes to study each other. Then, our specially-trained Coaches ask the players to stand back to back. While doing so, the kids alter their appearance. Some children choose to put on something silly like a funny hat, while others turn their shirts inside out!

    Then, as soon as the Coach says go, the kids turn around and face each other to identify what has changed about their partner's appearance. Each team gets five guesses. When the game is over, the Coach has the children reflect on what they have just learned.

    The children are asked questions, like how they remembered their partner's original appearance. They also talk about real-life situations from their past when they have forgotten something important and how that made them feel. Finally, using their newly learned skills, they identify ways to continue practicing their memory-building techniques.

    Education-based games like this help improve critical thinking in children and encourage positive behaviours. When kids learn how to focus and improve their memory, they're more likely to get good grades in school, participate in discussions and remember important lessons. This leads to greater leadership skills, improved self-confidence and a better chance to succeed.