• How YOU Made Them Smile

    Tha​nks to you, the children in our education-based programs are thriving. Because of your support, more than one million of them are engaged in their education, and they are discovering ways to protect themselves from harmful diseases. Without you, many of these kids would not have the skills to resolve conflict and accept others despite their differences.

    The proof is in the pictures. See how your donations make our educational games a positive learning experience for children.


    These kids from Thailand are ready for some fun! Children are eager to take part in our education-based programs because they learn lessons in an engaging way!


    School is made for learning, so why wouldn't play happen inside the classroom too? Our network of trained teachers integrate our activities in school so that girls and boys become active participants in their education.


    Here's a fact: Children in Right To Play schools in Ghana were four times more likely to ask questions and discuss lessons with their teachers, compared to children in non-partner schools!​


    We're also keeping children healthy by educating them about preventable diseases. in Benin, 91% of children who participate in our programs are more likely to know how malaria is transmitted vs. 59% of non-program children. Staying healthy is a good reason to celebrate!


    According to the UN, more than two million children and youth have been forced to flee their homes because of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. We are reaching more than 27,400 Syrian children and youth living in Lebanon through weekly progams, helping them cope with trauma and learn how to live in peace.


    This girl can smile because she is treated as an equal. She can learn with boys, and she is able to take a leadership role in her community. Across five countries in West Africa, 96% of progam teachers are taking actions to support the inclusion of girls in our programs. That's helping them perform better in school, too.


    Gender equality is not just about opportunities for girls, it's also about acceptance from boys. By playing together and learning about inclusion, our programs help children understand that we all have the same rights, regardless of gender, race or religion.


    Our Junior Leaders are children who want to change their communities by helping lead our games and activities. In this role, they grow into responsible, confident leaders who earn the trust and respect of their peers.


    We don't let disability become an inability. Our educational games are tailored to fit the needs of any youth. Our Coaches are trained to include anyone and everyone. That's worth a thumbs up.


    In the end, we want all children in the world to be educated, healthy, and living peaceful lives free of conflict. With your help, we're making that a reality. Thank you for your support!​