• See Our Teachers in Action: 7 Photos

    ​Discover why teachers trained in our Right To Play programs are such positive and important role models for the children we reach.


    Raise your hands for our teachers! They are using our educational games in classrooms to engage students in their learning, like this one in the Palestinian Territories. Teachers at our partner schools were twice as likely to use active, participatory teaching approaches in their classrooms, compared to teachers at the non-partner schools. (NORAD Midterm Evaluation Report, 2015)


    Our teachers are not afraid to have fun, too. They lead by example, like this Coach in Mali who is demonstrating a game for his students. Taking part in the activity is an effective way to build trust with the children.


    Our teachers find an opportunity for learning in every experience. No matter what game or activity they play, they always find a lesson to teach from it. At Right To Play, our Coaches lead a Reflect-Connect-Apply discussion with the students to reflect on the game, connect it to an experience they've had and apply what they learned in the game to their daily lives. 


    Children are becoming more comfortable in the classroom. Students in Ghana are contributing more in class, leading more discussions and sharing more ideas with one another. One teacher says: "Almost half of the children ask questions and will also attempt answering questions in class. This makes teaching and learning very participatory."


    Did you know: 54 per cent of all Right To Play Coaches are female? That's making a difference in the classroom. Boys and girls need strong female role models that prove everyone deserves the chance to learn through play. 


    Teachers in our programs develop nurturing environments. Our play-based programs are developing stronger, more supportive relationships between students and teachers. In Tanzania, teachers are actively addressing the barriers preventing girls from attending and participating in schools, and they are treating girls and boys as equals.


    Behind every smiling face in our programs, there is a teacher who is making a positive impact on their future, guiding these children to a more educated, healthy and safe world. ​