• Students excel through active learning

    By Faten Tawil​

    Jericho Primary Girls School teachers Jamila and Maream are seeing their first-grade students thrive in the classroom and they couldn't be more thrilled.

    PrimarySchool.pngAfter incorporating fun, educational games in class to help teach the curriculum, their students are showing improved creativity, focus and academic performance.

    "Active learning is very essential in creating a fruitful, interactive and effective learning environment," says Jamila.

    With support from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Jamila and Maream participated in Right To Play's integrated learning training for teachers and discovered how to use play-based lessons to achieve local curriculum objectives.

    While they have made physical changes to their classroom to better facilitate their new approach—like adding round tables, a whiteboard, and educational games and equipment—the biggest improvement is in the students themselves. They used to lack motivation to participate; energy levels were low, and they weren't performing to the best of their abilities.

    Now, the girls are taking part in all activities and interact with classmates and teachers. Jamila and Maream can't wait to see further active-learning programs spread throughout the school. 

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