• #GirlsLead! Girls In Our Programs Learn Leadership Skills

    We know something for certain: girls are going to change the world. Take a look at how the girls in our programs are getting the opportunities and tools they need to stand up and lead!


    We believe that girls should have the same opportunities as boys to pursue their dreams. It’s why we teach girls that they have the right to attend school. And it’s working! For example, over 1000 girls in Mozambique and Ghana have gone back to school since 2015.


    In West Africa, 96% of our program teachers support the inclusion of girls in the classroom. Which means that girls are learning better and gaining the confidence to be student leaders. In Ghana, where student leader positions used to be dominated by boys, 35 student leaders in 40 Right To Play schools are girls!


    With the help of our interactive games in Pakistan, these girls have gained the confidence to speak up in our programs, with their friends, at home with their families, and at school. Now they are advocating for their participation in all school activities!


    Our programs help empower girls and encourage them to make their voices heard in their communities. Globally, there are over 48,000 girls demanding change through Right To Play Child Rights Clubs!


    With our educational games, the girls in our programs in the Palestinian Territories are learning and having fun in the classroom. Thanks to lessons that are fun and inclusive, our teachers notice that girls’ attendance is increasing! Did you know that for every extra year a girl stays in school, her income can increase by 20%?


    We make sure to include children of all ages in our programs. As you can see, our confident Junior Leader is setting an excellent example for her younger peers by taking on a leadership role in her Ethiopian community. Since 2015, over 5000 girls have learned to lead & become roles models as Junior Leaders in their communities!

    Girls are changing their communities for the better. With your support, we can help more #GirlsLead!

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