• Latest News - August 8, 2013

    Summer camp for street children in Pakistan

    We're helping children in Pakistan experience the transformative power of sport and play

    In late July, we held a four-day summer camp gathering school children from poorer areas in Islamabad to provide a chance for them to have fun, while teaching life skills like teamwork, fair play and trust. Our programs reach 16 districts across Pakistan and more than 169,000 children in the country, but one child summed up his Right To Play experience best: "What we are learning today is not in any of our books."

    Many media outlets in Pakistan took notice. Click below to read more about this amazing event.

    Right To Play: Discipline on the pitch brings discipline in life (The Express Tribune)

    Laughter echoed from the usually silent park in F-6 where children gathered from the slums geared up in their football attire for a four-day summer camp organised by Right To Play... READ MORE

    Sports and kids: Pathway to healthy development
    (Pakistan Today)

    Right To Play, a non-profit organisation (NGO) is holding a camp from July 29 to August 4, using sports as a tool to enhance life skills like empathy, leadership qualities, communication skills... READ MORE


    RTP Makes Deprived Children Learn & Play With Smile (FLARE Telecom News Magazine)

    The children of Master Ayub’s street school in F-6/3 in Islamabad are keener to go to school than anything else. The disadvantaged children of this street school, run by a committed social worker... READ MORE


    Underprivileged kids get a sporting opportunity
    (Pakistan Observer)

    Until recently school only meant books and homework for the kids of an open-air school in F-6/3 Islamabad. But now they have discovered a new and exciting way of learning through sport and play... READ MORE