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    New funding for projects in Uganda

    ​Some fantastic news coming out of Right To Play Uganda! December 3, 2012 saw the announcement of new funding for projects in the Teso region of Uganda. The French Embassy in Kampala is funding these recently launched programs through its Social Development Fund to promote post-conflict development. A great start on promoting children and youth to get involved in their communities and invest in a whole new generation of leaders!

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    From: La France en Ouganda - Ambassade de France à Kampala


    Launch of the ‘Right To Play’ project for the children and youth in Teso sub region


    Her Excellency the Ambassador together with the Honourable Minister of State for Teso region, Amongin Aporu, and officials of the organisation ‘Right To Play’ officiated, on 3rd December 2012, the launch of a project aimed at promoting sports and leisure among children and youth in this region.


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    The project which was started in September 2012 is being implemented by the Non Governmental Organisation Right To Play Uganda, with the support of the French Embassy through its Social Development Fund. With a view to promoting post conflict reconstruction in the Teso sub region, Right to Play aims at encouraging an interactive learning for the children and youth – especially the girl child – in a safe environment. Precisely, the organisation wishes to harness the leadership skills of Uganda’s young generation to enable them play an active role within their communities and ensure a better future for themselves and their peers.

    Through this project, the organisation has set out three main objectives for children and youth:

    • Promoting sports and games as a tool for learning self confidence and tolerance,
    • Ensuring regular practice of sports and participation in leisure activities as a means of promoting child development, environment education, gender equality, equity, child protection and rights,
    • Developing and strengthening the capacity of community volunteers, teachers and partner organisations to offer theses activities to children.

    At the launching ceremony which took place in Soroti town (located approximately 200 KM north east of Kampala), the Ambassador stressed the need, in a country where nearly a half of the population is below 15 years, to embark on projects intended for the children. The Right To Play project will enable 10,000 children and youth, within or outside school environment, to participate regularly in sports activities and games. The Ambassador also reminded everyone that the commitment of the teachers and volunteers of the thirty schools and five communities involved would determine the success of this educative project.

    The ceremony then went on in the open air with the children. After some demonstrations of their games, the enthusiastic children planted trees with the help of the Ambassador, environmental protection being one of the components of this project.