• Latest News - May 13, 2014

    Johann Koss inspires at TedxLakeGeneva

    Under the theme of Adapt & Thrive, Right To Play Founder, President and CEO Johann Koss, spoke at TEDxLakeGeneva about how we use play to transform education and change children’s lives.

    “[Play] is essential to being human," he said. "Play is an instinct we’re born with, and a universal language that all children speak. But too often, we take it for granted and overlook its importance.”

    Through games, activities and critical discussions led by our trained Coaches, schoolyard fun is turned into an opportunity to educate children on serious issues like HIV and AIDS. Our programs put children at the centre of learning. Play gives them a chance to interact with a lesson, and builds up the camaraderie needed to talk openly with peers and trusted adults about sensitive topics.

    We recognize the important role our programs play in a child’s life—how Coaches and engaged community members influence them; the way positive experiences can shape their outlook, and; how those two things combined impact the way a child sees themselves and their future.

    Play transforms education. It can change behaviors and it will change the world.