• Latest News - September 16, 2014

    Play programs in Gaza reopen

    For us, kids and safety always come first. So when there was conflict in the Middle East, we temporarily suspended our play-based programs in Gaza.  We're happy to announce: these programs are up and running and the local children are back, completely engaged in our games and activities that teach peace, conflict resolution, dignity and more.

    Gaza-reopens_HomeBanner.pngThroughout the ceasefires, our team in the Palestinian Territories remained optimistic, spreading hope by conducting three play-based activities for approximately 1,200 children in the Bait Lahia, Rafah and Az Zahra Youth Clubs. This is a true testament to the resilience of the youth and a reflection of our staff's commitment to helping children learn and grow even in the direst of circumstances.

    And you were there to back us up. You believe in our play-based curriculum and how it helps children and youth cope with the traumas of war. You understand that play is a release from the hardships they face; allowing kids to be kids and bringing them one step closer to rebuilding hope for their futures. And you advocate how our curriculum helps shape the children's social interactions, inspiring harmony, eliminating conflict and uniting communities.

    You are change.

    Because of you, our Palestinian Territories staff is working tirelessly to ensure the safety of the thousands of children and adults in our programs.

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