• Latest News - October 1, 2014

    Live your life with dignity

    GDD_FBpost-General.png"Dignity is respecting one's self and others even in difficult situations," says Irene, a primary school student, in Ghana.

    It's a simple idea with incredible impact, which is why, on October 15, we're celebrating Global Dignity Day with the world.

    Each year, thousands of people stand up and speak out to ensure we live dignified lives, sharing their stories and coming together in solidarity to celebrate their goals and self-worth.

    This year, more than 44,000 children in our programs are celebrating Global Dignity Day by taking part in Play Day events and activities that teach the values of dignity in a fun, engaging way.

    What does dignity mean to you?

    A dignified life is the opportunity to fulfill your potential and the freedom to make your own decisions. Youth that show dignity and respect for others grow into educated, healthy and peaceful adults.

    For a child participant in Mae La Refugee Camp, Thailand, dignity is access to basic necessities: "Health, family, education and friends are all equally important because they are connected to my basic needs, like food and water, which I firmly believe can build my future."

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