• Latest News - October 6, 2014

    Microsoft technology connects our Coaches

    Hip, hip hurrah! for Microsoft who, with the click of a button, helped us create speedy access to each other and our program materials

    microsoft1-portaltoplay.pngOur Coaches and staff in Uganda and Tanzania can now access our latest HIV and AIDs awareness-and-prevention game—along with 762 education-, health- and peace-based others—through a new online portal. And after test-driving each activity with the kids, now, they can discuss their experiences with each other via email, too. But the best part: our Coaches and staff can do all of this at the same time, on the same day, even though they’re thousands of miles apart.

    Our partnership with Microsoft is changing the way we’re sharing information, for good.

    Here’s how we’re doing it. Using Microsoft’s SharePoint (a set of web technologies that manages all kinds of content like: pictures, education manuals, stories etc.), we created a one-stop-internet-based site and named it: the Portal to Play. It houses: 139 resource manuals in 8 languages, 763 games, 18 training sessions, global news and events, and tools to rate and provide feedback on all of our games and resources. There’s even a blog, posting training tips and tricks.

    So while we’re still in the pilot phase and testing the site in English, with additional content in Swahili to best accommodate the team in Tanzania who are using it, we’re aiming to reach our global team by the end of 2015. Plus, the new system is enabling us to be a little more “green,” by replacing 31 paper manuals with digital versions. In a nutshell: we’re spreading our word faster, worldwide, for positive change for kids.

    Microsoft has been a proud supporter of Right To Play since May 2013 by providing support for two separate, but closely linked projects. The first project is an investment in Right To Play’s core activity in East Africathe Raising Her Voice program. The second project is a series of interconnected information and communication technology (ICT) projects that will be piloted in 3 East African countries. The initial projects look to support and enhance the Raising Her Voice program, while over the long run these ICT projects will have a substantial impact on Right To Play’s ability to deliver quality and life changing programs to children around the world.