• Latest News - September 22, 2013

    Field of Play: The power of a gathering place

    Today we ventured deep into the countryside of the Republic of Benin, only to discover that there's something about sport that's elemental to all of us.

    The road amounted to not much more than a dirt track but transport trucks and motorcycles pounded relentlessly along.

    For miles and miles we ploughed through, passed goats, chickens, merchants by the roadside on the way to our destination, the Palais Dijdemy, home to King Kponan and his people.
    The King is, according to his business card, a specialist in incurable diseases and practices the Voodoo religion. But he's also a progressive who has supported the programs of Right To Play which aims to protect the access children have to a formal education. At the
    modest palace, local Chiefs and Voodoo priests turned out in ceremonial garb to hear the King plead for less time and effort spent on the initiation rights to Voodoo convents and more focus on getting kids into community schools.
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