• Latest News - September 14, 2015

    Let's Celebrate a Day of Peace

    IntlDayOfPeace_400.pngSeptember 21 marks the International Day of Peace, commonly referred to as World Peace Day. Originating in 1982, this annual event is celebrated by all the United Nation countries with this year's theme being, Dignity for All, a theme that resonates very close to us at Right To Play.

    We teach children the importance of peace by using sport and game-based activities to encourage kids to solve disputes with their word and not through violence. By urging cooperation and inclusion in our students, our Coaches can model and teach respect, teamwork and acceptance around differences like gender, race and religion.

    The kids in ​our programs face harsh realities in their communities. ​War, poverty and lack of education makes it hard for them to grow up and live their lives as children. We understand the effects sport and play can have on youth. And this is why we're dedicated to changing the lives of over one million children every week by encouraging positive behaviour change to build peaceful communities.

    Millions of people around the world celebrate Peace Day in their own unique ways. It can be as simple as lighting a candle at noon or just sitting in silent meditation. Peace Day is also a Day of Ceasefire – personal or political. Take this opportunity to make peace in your own relationships as well as impact the larger conflicts of our time. Imagine what a whole Day of Peace would mean to humankind.