• Latest News - November 20, 2015

    New child-friendly poster illustrates children's rights

    Child_Safeguarding_Poster small.jpgWe are pleased to launch our Child Friendly Child Safeguarding Policy Poster! Child participation is important to us, especially when it comes to children's protection.

    This poster was designed and developed with the help of over 70 children and youth—including more than 40 girls—between the ages of seven and 14 from six countries around the world.

    By promoting and championing child safeguarding as a central part of our programs, we are creating a safer and healthier environment for children and youth; environments that are free from fear, where they can survive and thrive, and their ideas are heard and respected. Teachers and Coaches in our programs will use this poster in schools and communities to increase awareness and understanding of Right To Play's child safeguarding responsibilities, how to keep safe and where they can go for support.

    We promote the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child's definition of child participation as "ongoing processes, which includes information-sharing and dialogue between children and adults based on mutual respect, and in which children can learn how their views and those of adults are taken into account and shape the outcome of such processes." Children are active agents in their own development and through their role in developing and promoting this poster, we help to ensure they feel empowered to make positive change.​

    For a closer look at the poster, click here​ or the select the image.

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