£25 will fund a child to take part in our programmes so that they participate in regular, weekly sport and play activity for a whole year, with long lasting impact on their lives as they grow up.  Please click the images below to read stories about how Right To Play has changed lives around the world. 

Thank you to BUCS & NUS for supporting Right To Play Day and helping us change the world.

 Ghana - Adopting Healthy Behaviour  Palestinian Territories - Building Relationships  China -  Benin - Children Learn Value of Communication  Palestinian Territories - Active Parent Committees form in the Palestinian refugee camp of Rachidiyeh
 Ethiopia - Day of the African Child Ethiopia (2007)  Uganda - ESPN Team Witness Power of Sport and Play 2009  Ethiopia - Female Leadership and Liberation  Ghana - Play Day 2009  Ghana - Urban Poor Children learn health, hygiene, and other life skills through Right To Play activities
 Ghana - Zamgbalun Community Receives Tools to Reduce Malaria  Uganda - Fellowship volunteer shares insights from Right To Play in Uganda  Ethiopia- Haile Gebrselassie  Tanzania - Athlete Ambassador Hasheem Talbeet goes home  Jordan - International Inspiration
Uganda - Athlete Ambassador Jane Rumball Goes on a Field Trip Lebanon - Organized Sessions for Parents are Mobilizing Liberia - Right To Play games Inspire a Boy to Pursue Education Tanzania - Right To Play coaches improve school attendance with traditional games Mozambique -Motorbikes help Right To Play Supervisors Extend their Impact in Rural Mozambique
Liberia -Peace Dream Cup Peru - Education Through Play Palestinian Territories - Children and Young People Participate in Promoting Peace through Sport and Play Ethiopia - Life-Altering Experience Extends Beyond One Coach to Reach Children Benin - Child Reunites Family After Learning Peace-Building Skills
Uganda - Eye Glasses Improve Children’s Vision and Opportunities to Play and Learn at Salama School for the Blind Palestinian Territories - Sport and Play Help Palestinian Girls Cope With Life in Refugee Camps Tanzania - Activity Keeps a Body Young Thailand - Racing to Unity Uganda - Right To Play Games Help Change Community Attitudes Towards Malaria