For children and youth growing up in Pakistan, the stable, peaceful and secure existence that is characteristic of holistic development is not guaranteed. Conflict, along with limited access to educational opportunities and random insurgent violence are commonplace and has a negative impact on the emotional and social development of the country’s youngest generations.

Right To Play’s programs began in Pakistan in 2002 to address the needs of Afghan refugees living in the country. In subsequent years, Right To Play has established a country office in the capital, Islamabad, as well as three additional programs in the Mardan, Mansehra and Thatta Districts. Most recently, Right To Play has received funding from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad to expand its programs beyond their traditional reach. Programs now stretch as far as Mansehra in the north, down to the Sindh province in southern Pakistan, where Right To Play is contributing to the rehabilitation of children and youth affected by the devastating floods of 2010.

Through its programming, Right To Play focuses on the healthy and holistic development of children and youth in both the formal school setting and the community-at-large. By training teachers and community volunteers in Right To Play program resources, such as Red Ball Child Play, Team Up and Early Child Play, they become leaders who develop the practical skills necessary to lead activities that drive community growth. Encouraging children and youth to express themselves through Right To Play activities contributes to their improved social, emotional and physical well-being. Activities also help participants to build valuable conflict-resolution skills that support the development of more peaceful communities.

In 2011, Right To Play plans to reach: 97,000 children and youth (43 per cent female); 1,285 coaches, leaders and teachers (45 per cent female); 205 schools

Partners: District Education Departments of Peshawar, Mardan, Mansehra and Thatta; Youth Resource Center; Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL); Commissioner for Afghan Refugees (Government of Pakistan); Consulate General of Afghanistan (Peshawar); and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).