Our programmes are facilitated by nearly 13,500 volunteer Coaches.  Coaches are local leaders and teachers who are trained in our specially designed programming. The implement the programmes based on the needs of their communities.  We also encourage leadership at all ages by providing youth with unique opportunities.  Known as Junior Leaders, these youth become empowered through participating in Right To Play programmes.  Here are just a few of their many stories.



Access to sport and play changed my life

I use to think girls would never perform any other role apart from cooking, weaving baskets and getting prepared to be married off. Now, working with a team of other volunteer Coaches, I lead activities for more than 30 children in my community, the Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda. I have worked as a Coach for more than three years and never think of stopping. Sport and play brought me into the limelight, empowered me as a girl and allowed me to take control of my health and my education.

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The Power of One

Yonas Tadesse is an Ethiopian high school student living with a disability. He is also a trained Coach for international humanitarian organization Right To Play. His experience with Right To Play helped him to overcome a difficult childhood by developing his self-confidence and his role as a leader within his community. He has become an active role model for children and an inspiration to everyone who meets him.

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 Benjamin leads children in an activity



Benjamin's Story

Benjamin Nzobonakira is a former child refugee who is now an Assistant National Training Officer with Right To Play in Burundi. In February, Benjamin travelled to Canada to participate in a public dialogue on Sport, Peace and Development and to speak first hand to the impact sport and play has had in transforming his life. This is his story of courage, resilience and leadership.

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