Psychosocial Support & Education

PLAY Winter 2019-20 Seasonal Report

We are especially concerned by the secondary impact of the outbreak. Accessing psychosocial support (PSS) and education is very challenging for millions of children. As the pandemic continues to spread, it will become very difficult for an even greater number of children to access the crucial opportunities they need to develop.

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The modified programming follows 5 key themes:

  • Let’s Stay Healthy
  • Let’s Stay Active
  • Let’s Take Care of Ourselves
  • Let’s Take Care of One Another
  • Let’s Play with our Family

Distribution of the materials will be digitally through WhatsApp and Facebook, and physically through leaflets and posters in countries with limited digital capabilities. We are also organizing an orientation with radio hosts to schedule PSS activities on air allowing us to reach as many children as possible. This will include radio announcements beforehand to promote the broadcast, followed by 30-45 minutes from a coach or teacher delivering an engaging session using our proven play-based-learning methodology.